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Experimental Methods In Rf Desig nitwin




Work with vector synthesis, frequency synthesis, and new signal processing. Use extremely accurate time base equipment to synchronize the scanning process. Designed to be used as an electronics lab, the FO-142 is an easy to use, single rack unit piece of radio equipment. It is the perfect choice for a variety of applications where high frequency radio is needed for a wide range of applications. The FO-142 is a high performance, highly functional, digital radio with exceptional, built-in features such as frequency synthesis and digital signal processing. Its design maximizes performance and reliability at low cost. The use of innovative design, materials and manufacturing processes, makes this piece of equipment the industry standard for high performance radio applications. It is designed with built in features to meet the needs of a wide range of applications. Both digital and analog signal processing functions are offered in a single, high performance radio that uses digital technology. The FO-142 is ideal for a wide range of applications and has been used in a variety of RF applications including broadcasting, industrial and military. The FO-142 is designed for use as an electronics lab, with the following features: Frequency Synthesis and Amplifiers General Purpose Digital Signal Processing Multi-Band Phased Antenna 30 to 200 MHz Frequency Range Up to 50 dB Dynamic Range Low Distortion Very High Accuracy Time Base Digital Time Base Very High Frequency Stability Analog IF Amplifier Synchronization and Serial-to-Frequency/Waveform-to-Signal Conversion Very High RF Gain Low Interference Immunity and Low RFI Virtually Unaffected by High Power Highly Rugged Low Power Dissipation Very Low Dc Drift Very Low Lateral Power Very High Backlobe Performance Optional Output RF Amplifiers Optional RF Filters Optional RF Generator Optional Mixing Mixer Optional Amplifier Gain Control Optional Antenna Coupling Capacitors Optional Amplifier Regulators Optional Amplifier Clock Supply Built In Bandpass Filters Built In Low Noise Amplifier Built In Switching Mixer Built In Digital Antenna Switch Built In Reverse Power Feeds Built In DC Oscillator Built In Phase Locked Loop Built In Frequency Synthesizer Built In




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Experimental Methods In Rf Desig nitwin
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