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PTBSync is an advanced software solution that synchronizes your system time with an atomic clock using the Internet connection, while also providing a bunch of very useful utilities.Work with various toolsOnce you install the program, the Windows desktop is assaulted with multiple windows, more or less similar to gadgets, supposed to serve various purposes.Customize the tray clockBesides the atomic clock synchronization tool, PTBSync also offers a very simple way to customize the tray clock, being able to display the moon state, the Julian date or even the Islam, Jewish, Iran or Coptic calendars.Organizer, scheduler, calendar and other desktop utilitiesAdditionally, the program comprises an organizer and a scheduler, as well as a desktop calendar and a highly customizable desktop notes utility. You can change colors, fonts and transparency to better fit your desktop.Atomic clock synchronizationGetting back to the atomic clock synchronization utility, PTBSync provides no less than 156 time servers from all over the world, allowing you to pick the one you wish to use. Plus, it boasts proxy server support, as well as a log tool to keep track on clock adjustments.Configuration settings and performanceThe “Settings” menu is fairly large and boasts configuration options for every single window on the desktop, be it the calendar, the weather forecast, the clock, the notes or the organizer.A good thing about the program is that it needs just a moderate amount of CPU and RAM resources to work properly, remaining light with computer resources all the time.Bottom lineOverall, it is indeed a handy software utility that brings multiple useful tools right on your desktop, while running flawlessly on all Windows versions currently on the market. Read moreThe cell phone provider for an Amtrak train derailed in California last week knew it had issues with its software before an engineer reported he was forced to take manual control of the speeding train, according to the railroad’s president.“There were multiple issues in the locomotive, in addition to the cell site software issues, and we’re going to be looking into that,” Amtrak President Joseph Boardman told reporters Monday.The engineer was forced to brake by hand but the train still rolled through a sharp curve and derailed in a Santa Clarita, California, neighborhood shortly after 5:30 p.m. last Wednesday, killing six people and injuring more than 100.One of the two tracks at the crossing was closed for several hours, leading 08929e5ed8

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